Module tanya.math

This package provides mathematical functions.

The tanya.math package itself provides only representation functions for built-in types, such as functions that provide information about internal representation of floating-point numbers and low-level operatons on these. Actual mathematical functions and additional types can be found in its submodules. tanya.math doesn't import any submodules publically, they should be imported explicitly.


classify(x) Returns whether x is a NaN, zero, infinity, subnormal or normalized number.
isFinite(x) Determines whether x is a finite number.
isInfinity(x) Determines whether x is a positive or negative infinity.
isNaN(x) Determines whether x is not a number (NaN).
isNormal(x) Determines whether x is a normilized number or not.
isSubnormal(x) Determines whether x is a denormilized number or not.
pow(x, y, z) Computes x to the power y modulo z.
signBit(x) Determines whether the sign bit of x is set or not.


FloatingPointClass Floating-point number classifications.
IEEEPrecision Floating-point number precisions according to IEEE-754.

Manifest constants

ieeePrecision Tests the precision of floating-point type F.