API documentation

tanya.algorithm.comparison Algorithms for comparing values.
tanya.algorithm.iteration Iteration algorithms.
tanya.algorithm.mutation Algorithms that modify its arguments.
tanya.algorithm.searching Searching algorithms.
tanya.async.event.epoll Event loop implementation for Linux.
tanya.async.event.iocp Event loop implementation for Windows.
tanya.async.iocp This module provides API for Windows I/O Completion Ports.
tanya.async.loop Interface for the event loop implementations and the default event loop chooser.
tanya.async.protocol This module contains protocol which handle data in asynchronous applications.
tanya.async.transport This module contains transports which are responsible for data dilvery between two parties of an asynchronous communication.
tanya.async.watcher Watchers register user's interest in some event.
tanya.container.array Single-dimensioned array.
tanya.container.buffer This module contains buffers designed for C-style input/output APIs.
tanya.container.hashtable Hash table.
tanya.container.list This module contains singly-linked (SList) and doubly-linked (DList) lists.
tanya.container.set This module implements a Set container that stores unique values without any particular order.
tanya.container.string UTF-8 encoded string.
tanya.hash.lookup Non-cryptographic, lookup hash functions.
tanya.math.nbtheory Number theory.
tanya.math.random Random number generator.
tanya.net.iface Network interfaces.
tanya.net.inet Internet utilities.
tanya.net.ip Internet Protocol implementation.
tanya.net.uri URL parser.
tanya.network.socket Low-level socket programming.
tanya.range.adapter Range adapters transform some data structures into ranges.
tanya.range.array tanya.range.array implements range primitives for built-in arrays.
tanya.range.primitive This module defines primitives for working with ranges.
tanya.algorithm Collection of generic algorithms.
tanya.async This package provides asynchronous capabilities.
tanya.bitmanip Bit manipulation.
tanya.container Abstract data types whose instances are collections of other objects.
tanya.conv This module provides functions for converting between different types.
tanya.format This module provides format function that can convert different data types to a String according to a specified format.
tanya.math This package provides mathematical functions.
tanya.net Network programming.
tanya.network Network programming.
tanya.range This package contains generic functions and templates to be used with D ranges.
tanya.typecons Type constructors.